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Betting Tips Successful Sports Betters Don’t Want You to Know!

By Anthony Specter Jr.

From decades of firsthand experience with online sports betting and tons of research, I want to personally share some of the tips that transformed me into a successful better.

These are tips that professional sports betters don’t want you to know, because these tips make them win!

Always Use Signup Bonuses

Using signup bonuses and incentives for betting sites is one of the oldest tricks in the industry. Almost all successful sports betters take advantage of the signup bonuses and claim any available free money.

Why? Because there is no harm in losing bonus money! It’s essentially a risk-free bet.

You can claim some signup bonuses by clicking on the betting sites below and entering the code (if there is one).

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Place Bets Only With The Best Sites

Professional sports betters take who they conduct business with very seriously. When large amounts of money are on the line, you need to be 100% certain that there is no liquidity or insolvency risk with the online site where you place your bets.

I have personally used all of the following online betting sites and can assure you they are legitimate and financially solid.

You can play right now by clicking on the links above and creating an account for FREE.

Look for Over/Under Bets

Over/under bets, or “U/O” bets, are extremely popular choices among professional sports betters. Give them a try.

Essentially, the game total is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the total expected points that either team will score in the game. This level is predetermined, usually by the sports betting site, and the player can then decide to bet “over” or “under the game total.

It’s one of the most popular ways to bet in sports because it doesn’t require the better to speculate on which team will win. Therefore, it’s a favorable bet that can make some serious dough.

Keep Records of Your Bets

If you keep detailed records of every bet you make, and the final outcome of the bet, you will create an amazing data pile to analyze for future bets.

What this means is, say you bet on one sports team three separate times in the playoffs, and when combing through your past betting history, you notice that team won each time by a margin of x amount of points.

You can use this information to determine your future bets.

Simply put, keeping records of your bets and the outcomes is solid statistical analysis that can give you and edge you need to be successful.

However, when doing this, you will also keep track of how much money you have won and lost, and this is always a smart money management practice.

Stick With EV Bets

It’s never a wise idea to go “all in” on any bet, but successful sports betters tend to risk a little bit more of their bankroll on bets with a 50/50 outcome such as U/O and Win/Lose bets.

The bet can only go one of two ways, and often times betters will use past performance or other indicators to try to gain a 1-2% advantage to bring their total probabilities of success to 51-52%.

With a binary outcome, even if a better had as little as a 0.50% edge, they would win in the long run, and this is precisely what the top sports betters do.

However, in order to maximize the probabilities, a lot of bets need to be placed, so you need to make sure you find a betting site that you like and that works for you.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

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  • Allison A.
    This is pretty cool. Never knew about the martingale strategy. I just gave it a try with (hyperlink name of affiliate casino here) and I am doing well so far! Currently up over $300!!!
  • Linus O.
    These are helpful tips, thank you for sharing. I want to gamble rn!
  • Jeffrey H.
    I claimed back thousands of dollars in losses from the link above and was able to bet more and win back most of my initial deposit! Thank u so much for telling me about this…it has been a real life saver.

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